Mask Monday: Hair and Face

So I went to work this morning and then hit the gym after. I was excited to get home to do a hair and face mask. I feel like both really needed it. I straighten my hair all the time and I am changing my hair color soon and want it to be as healthy as it can be. I got one from Hask. The face mask I got was horrible!!! I will never buy from that brand again. I ended up using my good ol one from L’Oréal. As soon as I put the other mask on my face burned so bad and became very itchy. My skin usually does pretty well with new masks. Sometimes in the beginning it can be a little itchy but this pain was so bad. I left it on for literally two minutes, read reviews about it, and washed it off so quick. I wasn’t trying to have burn marks or anything else. However the hair mask was amazing. My hair felt so soft and the ends of my hair were brand new. A few weeks ago I got four inches cut off and it’s already growing back. I bought a little packet of the hair mask so I can get ten or more uses from it. After I did my makeup and hair today. I felt my hair softer and shiny without looking oily. I really loved how it looked healthier. The mask was a complete fail. I wouldn’t recommend it but I’m going to post it so you guys know what it did to my skin and hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen to you. The other mask I used already is amazing. I need to buy more of it again. Let me know if you try any of these and your favorites!

Until next time

lots of love,




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