Wednesday Square Snapshot Post


5:43am: Headed out for work


8:34am: Headed to do makeup


9:25am: Client Slayfie


9:45am: Dressed for gym and preworkout made


10:00-12:00pm: Cardio more cardio then bicep/tricep. Sometimes I am at the gym so long, I look at the time and say oh shit lol


12:10pm: Issa snack. I ate a banana prior to this but decided I wanted some homemade salsa with a few tostadas. This salsa is crack. I should post the recipe on here. Hmm maybe


1:30pm: Took a shower. Then I did my makeup and hair. I headed out the door to head to work


3:10pm: I really wanted Hot Cheetos but the way my diets set up, pineapple was my choice. I love fruit.


3:56pm: SELFIE. Hey y’all hey.


6:50pm: Off and omw to the mall. Gatsby wedding theme is less than two weeks away, I’m making it my mission to find the dress!


8:39pm: I found my dress y’all! And it’s another size down!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!


10:30pm: Goodnight world. I use this diffuser now when I go to bed. I use several lavender and tea tree oil drops and it happens to be very calming.



So obviously this was yesterday. I didn’t feel like posting it last night, I just wanted to get some rest. Usually my routine is a little different throughout the week. Depends when I have clients and I’m starting to really build up my clientele. I’m going to be working somewhere special soon. The hurricane set me back a little but I’m glad that the building is still up and will be up in another month or so. I’m very excited and happy about that. I put my heart into this so I can’t wait! I normally go to the gym twice but since I went for two hours, my legs and arms were already dead. Yes, I forgot to eat dinner but that’s the way it is sometimes. I don’t do it  intentionally, it just happens. Half of the time i’m not hungry. I have less than 50 days till my cruise so hitting the gym hard and sticking to clean eating is going to get me there. I hope you guys enjoyed this random post. I actually thought I was going to mess it up by not taking a picture but it worked out.


Until next time

lots lots of love,


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