Weekend Snapshot: Sept 22-24th

Friday: I went to work at 6 in the morning. When I got off I went straight to the gym then to the mall to help my brother find a shirt for my cousins wedding. I went to work again and got off and headed straight to see Luke Bryan. I had a blast.

Saturday: My whole family woke up early to head to Floresville to watch my cousin marry her elementary school sweetheart. I truly love that. I had a good time with my family. I danced with them and even though I wanted to eat the dinner that was served I had to accommodate to not eat the meat which was the main dish. Also felt weird not going to the gym. I made top two on the board.

Sunday: We checked out of our hotel and went to eat at our usually spot, Roy’s Taco Hut. They have the best in San Antonio. Before we headed home we stopped at the Historic Market Street and I loved every bit of it. I bought myself a flower crown. Then we headed back home. I’m typing this as I get ready to go to the gym. It’s 5K Sunday’s every Sunday until my Zombie Run in November.

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these and I miss them but I haven’t had the time to really just keep track of what I’m doing every weekend. I want to try toΒ do monthly highlights and talk about top things of the month but I’ll see. I’m still getting over a break up and yes I’m still coping with it. I decided to leave this person out of my life because no matter how much love I will always have for him once you disrespect my family and call them out of their name, I can’t handle that. No matter how mad I get at them I can talk all the crap I want, it’s my family. I just hate the fact that I let him think that was okay to do. Lesson learned though. I am doing this one day at a time and I deserve to pat myself on the back because it’s been hard. Sometimes I just cry and cry but if I don’t allow myself to feel then I’ll stay stuck in this place of hate for that person and I just don’t want to be like that. Anyways I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. Remember to stay positive and there’s always tomorrow.

until next time

lots of love




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