So if you have my on Instagram or Snapchat you know that I started a whole new way to cardio. I still currently have a membership at Anytime Fitness but I just hit a plateau and decided to really switch it up and get a new membership at a small place called 9Rounds. You guys this place is no joke! Your first workout is free. I had a beginner workout with Robin and at the end of it I knew this was going to be my new place to love to be at. I don’t have a contract so if I only want to go for two months and then stop then I can do so. I really liked that. They work with you as long as you say something. So if you decide not to go one month then they can even put a hold on your account till you want to return. So at 9Rounds it’s me competing against myself. I walked in there a little skeptical because I’m used to a ton of machines and weight sets. You see numbers at the top and it’s 1-9. They’re like stations. At each station you incorporate a new workout. Another cool thing about this place is that you’ll never do the same workout. Everyday it’s a different workout. My first beginner workout kicked my ass to say the least. My heart rate was up the entire time and if I couldn’t do something, Robin switched it up for my level. It’s also like you have your own personal trainer working with you. It really is an unforgettable experience. Now that I’m a member I get to keep having that experience. I have been there everyday this week and after each day I am so sore and hurting. But if you aren’t sore or hurting you must not be doing something right. It’s not the hurting to where you hurt yourself, it’s the hurt that shows you put in work!  When you first get there you have to wrap your hands and this whole week Robin had to help me because I’m new still  and she had no problem helping me.  You hear a bell and you basically keep doing the work out over and over for the first minute and then really give it all you got for the next bell which is a 30 second mark  and then when the last bell goes off is when you’re done. In between transitioning to the next round I have little workouts like high knees, but kicks, etc.. I think that is so you keep your heart rate up. By the 9th Round I was done. A couple of the days I made it to 15 Rounds! You can also go around as many times as you like. My goal is to be able to do a burpee and be able to do a sit up all the way. It’s a lot of work and using your body is the most coolest part about it but I’m still sore. When I first started going to the gym consistently this is sort of how it felt but times fifty. Since I’m never doing the same workout I’m sore in places I didn’t know could even be sore. If you have one of these gyms around you I highly suggest you go in and try it. If it’s not for you then hey you burned calories but I know you will love it. I took my brother in to try it and he is a person to never sweat while working out and he was drenched! You also incorporate a lot of boxing so even though you’re not lifting weights, you are punching and kicking a bag that’s a hundred pounds. I’m still learning but I can’t wait to see my results. Everything is also at your pace and it’s meant to be fun. I’m also losing inches so if you’re on a weight loss journey, stop weighing yourself every week! Go by the feeling of the way your clothes fit or see someone that isn’t a hater and they will tell you if you lost weight! This week I went my regular gym 4 days. I feel that the workout made me so sore I didn’t want to over do it and hurt myself. I’m hoping my body gets used to it so that I can still run and lift a little bit of weights. I just wasn’t having that this week. Stretching also has helped me tremendously!

Until next time

lots of love




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