Weekend Snapshot: Sept. 29- Oct. 1st

Friday: I went to work in the morning and then straight to boxing. I also went walking through Jesse Jones Park with my brother and Austin. He decided he wanted to spend the day with me and so I got to pick him up from school.  I had to go do makeup on the other side of town before going to work again and the traffic was horrible. I also stopped at the MUA project store so there will be a blog on the goods I got there coming soon! I went to see a couple of apartments with my brother and ended Friday at the gym.

Saturday: I had a bride to do makeup on and I was invited to the wedding so not only did I have to get myself ready, I also had to get my mom and sister ready. My Saturday was spent at the wedding. It was Great Gatsby theme and my dress was so long you guys. I was so happy when I purchased it because it was a $250 dress and I got it for $50. It’s also another size down so that was a bonus. I am also taking the dress on the cruise for Elegant night. Everyone loved my dress. I’m starting to get better at having my picture taken. Mainly because I love the hell out of myself. My Pops was the DJ and we had a lot of fun. I used Saturday as my rest day from the gym. I ended it at my friend Shelby’s house for her old mans retirement party.

Sunday: I went to work in the morning and then got home and rested. I woke up and went straight to Jesse Jones Park with my brother. We ran 2 miles. It was a lot of work because the trails were messed up due to the hurricane but we got through it. I have a 5K Zombie Run coming up on November 4th so I have to get ready for that. It’s a lot harder than running on a treadmill. I’m also going to the gym tonight to do 15 minutes on the stair master and another 15 on the elliptical and then it’s leg day with weights. I am going to stretch really good and do some planking when I get home. I also need to enroll in classes for Spring Semester so that needs to get done this week.

 Last week was my first week at 9 Rounds and it kicked my ass. The cardio there is intense and effective. I love it so much. I still need to build up my strength so planking will help that. I also am still keeping up with the gym because A) I pay for my membership and B) I don’t want to stop working out there. This month is quick oats for breakfast with a ton of fruit, protein shake for lunch, and salads for dinner. I really have set a goal to lose 20 more pounds by November 12th. I am going to do it. None of my weight loss has been through pills. It’s all on me and I am proud of that. This past year right before Spring Break I lost some weight by taking pills and going to the gym. Then I gained it back and then some. Now I lost all that weight and then some without taking anything. So wish me luck guys and send some positive vibes. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Until next time

lots of love



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