Weekend Snapshot: October 6-8th

Friday: I went to work in the morning. I headed to boxing after work and then had a bunch of errands to run. I saw an apartment and got into thinking that I’m buying a house. I don’t have it in my mind that I need a husband or family first to have this for me. I want to start building a solid foundation for myself. I don’t want to have to depend on anyone. I went to work after that and then had dinner with my family. They chose Olive Garden and had unlimited pasta while I had minestrone soup. It was one of the few Vegan dishes that I could have that I actually liked.

Saturday: This was my first free Saturday morning I had in a while. I still woke up early and made it to boxing at 9am. I had an intense workout. After I headed to do some stuff and then went home to clean and then I had to get ready for a bridal shower. After the bridal shower I went back home to just relax. I ended up going out that night with some friends. I enjoyed myself.

Sunday: I went to work in the morning and then headed to run errands with my sister when I got out. I went to Jesse Jones Park again and ran with my brother and then we headed straight to the gym. I went home after and my parents had made food so we ate. I washed some clothes and did some good stretching. I decided to go back to the gym that night and I finally made it to 90pounds on the squat rack. YASSSSSS. With the bar that felt like 100. I want to slowly go up for the rest of the month. I just need to perfect my form so I don’t hurt myself. I also posted a new picture on Instagram. I’m starting to not care and post pictures at all angles. I love myself, so why not? Also I’m going to the doctor Friday, say a little prayer for me! I hope that I don’t need surgery. That right there is LIFE!!!! It’s like as soon as I’m on a roll, life fucks around and hits me.

I finally added a video to go along with this so check that out below.

until next time

lots of love




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