Lit or Shit: Fenty Beauty Foundation

So when this line first made an appearance I immediately followed the account on Instagram. When they started dropping hot fire clues about the line is when I started to get excited. Out of all of her products I was obsessed with the foundation and the gloss. The foundation looked so good on everyone who was trying it. At first there were a ton of my favorite YouTubers who gave their first impression and then I started seeing friends get their hands on the products. So I thought why not make this a lit or shit post. So here we go.

I did the usual before I put on any foundation, which is skin care. I put some under eye cream on then face moisturizerz When I first put the foundation on my skin it was very light. I let it sit in for a second and then blended it out with my real technique sponge. I feel like as soon as this foundation touches your skin, you need to blend it out. If not I suggest using an oil of some sort because it was coming out patchy in some areas on my skin where it isn’t normally patchy. Nevertheless I got all of it to blend smoothly and evenly on my skin. The coverage is buildable but just the tiny dots I put all over my face with just one generous pump was well enough. So I applied the rest of my makeup and wore the makeup out. You guys this makeup didn’t crack in my nose crease, it didn’t show my fine lines after wearing it a full day/night, and it didn’t feel like I had a lot on. Okay I’m going to be real and say if you have dry skin this foundation is not the one. I feel like eventually you will hate the foundation because you might have to add some type of oil like the Pixi one I like to use. I mean if you’re all about your oils then go for it. I have combination skin and I say this foundation was lit for me. I am in the shade 210 and again it looked too light for my skin at first and then it just settled in and was perfect. The one thing I loved most about the foundation is that it didn’t crack or budge. The price is 34$ so that’s reasonable. I highly recommend getting a sample from your nearest Sephora before purchasing so that you can try it out before spending money. A lot of the time we buy things and never return them so save your money and try before you buy. I’m going to add some photos of how I did my makeup that day, with and without flash, and front camera and back camera. I also have a new setting powder I’m trying to decide if I love or hate it.

Until next time

lots of love



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