Thursday Shenanigans

Hey loves! It’s been a hot minute since I had a day off to just get on here and tell you guys I miss blogging! I have been so busy trying to lose these last 9 pounds. It’s so crazy because I actually thought I had another 15 to lose but when I went to the doctor and got to use the scale that’s the most accurate I weighed less than I thought. I am eventually going to invest in a scale but right now I’m just going by how my clothes fit. There is a huge difference in my pants and shirts. I just feel good. I stay positive and just hype myself up. So I said I wanted to lose 50 pounds by my birthday and after I lose these 9 pounds that will put me at losing a total of 54 pounds. That just took me forever but Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is the body I want to achieve. My next goal is to lose another 50 by May. I will get there. So for today’s random post I just wanted to put what I’ve done so far and what I’ll be doing later. I finally got to sleep in. I slept in till 9am. That may still seem early but I actually enjoy starting my day at 5:30am.  I went to the gym and ran a mile. Then did a really good glute/quad/hamstring workout.  A lot of people that I know have been wanting me to do an actual video of working out. I would absolutely love to do that but I’m just not comfortable  with my body yet.  I am so happy with the progress that I have made and I love myself very much but the camera has always been a really bad fear and anxiety of mine.  I’m getting better at having pictures taken of me. I went to a few weddings and actually took pictures with my family and that never happens so they were really happy about that.  But I will add my workout that I did right now and I’m hoping by next summer I get rid of that fear and post an actually video on just working out.  I’m still new to the whole gym thing and before I do a video I want to perfect my form and just have all around more knowledge on the workouts that I do.  There is actual science that plays into working out and it’s just fascinating to learn about. So here’s the workout I did. Just a little reminder if you didn’t know Super sets (2) and Tri sets(3) are workouts done with little to no rest period. I pair them in two and then do another super set right after that. So I jump in from one to another. I have been doing this for about two weeks now and I’m comfortable to post what I do. It’s really hard to post on how to do it so you can google each one if you don’t know. Also use a weight that you’re the most comfortable with. Challenge yourself though.

Super Set | 4 Sets
12 Sumo Squats w/65lb dumbbell
12 Stiff Leg Deadlifts w/ 65lb dumbbell
2 minute rest period then repeat for 4 sets
Alternate your sets so for example do 12 Sumo Squats with feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed outward and squat ass to grass. Make sure to focus on squeezing at the top and then right after position your feet forward and do the 12 Stiff Leg Deadlifts. Make sure to have a straight back and keep dumbbell close to shins. Push the booty back. When you pull up squeeze those glutes. The knees to slightly bend when going down.
Super Set | 4 Sets
10 Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg) w/ 20lb dumbbells
15 weighted Jumping Lunges
Tri-Set | 3 Sets
10 Single Leg RDL ( left leg w/15lb dumbbells)
10 Curtsy Lunge (left leg w/15lb dumbbells)
10 Sungle Leg RDL (right leg w/15lb dumbbells)
10 Curtsy Lunge (right leg w/15lb dumbbells)
10 jumping Squats
Repeat 3 times in that order
2 minute rest period after each full set
Tri-Set | 3 Sets
10 Lunge to Squat Complex
10 Donkey Kicks each leg (10lb dumbbell behind knee)
10 Fire Hydrants each leg (10lb dumbbell behind knee)
The Lunge to Squat Complex is a left Lunge to middle Squat then right Lunge to middle Squat and that equals 1 Rep.
Make sure you’re keeping the booty low to burn out those quads.
With the Donkey Kicks and Fire Hydrants you literally are putting a dumbbell in the back socket of your knee and holding in there while you do the workout. It sounds weird but it helps stabilize those hamstrings and glutes. It’s keeping it clenched because you have to squeeze on the dumbbell as you do the workout.

After that burning workout I met up with a bride and then went to work. I am about to get off work now and go to a concert that I was invited to. I don’t really care for the artist but it’s whatever. Later tonight I’m hoping before midnight depending on when I get back from the show, I want to go run a mile and do some core workouts. That’s all for this random Thursday post. Hope you all are having a fabulous week and if you’re going to as many Halloween parties as I am this weekend be safe, don’t take a drink from anyone as well as leave your drink around, and call an Uber if you don’t have a DD.

Until next time

Lots of Love,




So let me tell you the story about these pants. The pair with the red heart is from May. The pair with the purple heart is from July. The pair with the yellow heart is from October. These pants all start the same and have a different ending.  Sometimes I look at the mirror and I see a change but then I look at my clothes and I really see how big I was. I’m so happy that I can finally fit into clothes I couldn’t. I am still fat and that’s okay for me to say, I’m not calling myself ugly but I am changing with my weight and my diet is down very well. I am so proud of myself and sometimes I feel like diet and exercise is all I talk about but hey it makes me happy so why wouldn’t I ? Anyways



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