I have been so sick since I got back from my vacation. It’s more annoying than ever. I have new posts coming like my cruise Vlog and reviews on new products that I’m going to combine in one. I also got asked to do a blog post on workouts for beginners. I am no trainer but I can add a split on here and some pretty easy stuff when I first started. I do have some new videos on my YouTube channel so be sure to check those out. I decided that next year I would really push YouTube with my journey so that should be exciting. I lost the weight I wanted to by my birthday but now it’s time to lose another 50 pounds and I know how hard that’s going to be but homegirl is already down four pounds. I have a bunch to talk about for my cruise since a lot of people asked me if I indulged but a vacation to me is just a relaxing time not a stuffing your face time lol but I’ll discuss that on my cruise blog/Vlog. I still have been going to the gym sick. I know it sounds horrible but I hate being sick and lazy. I took the past two Saturdays off and literally did nothing because I felt like death but that has been the only days. Instead of running I have been doing more walking at an incline or the stair master. I’m already coughing up my lungs, I would hate to see what running would add to that. I want to lose 10-12 pounds by December 31st, so setting small mile stones will help me get to my overall goal. Anyways I came on here to tell you guys sorry for the lack of posts but I am sick and I can’t help it. I am getting better so that’s a good thing. I have caught up on my reading and I wanted to read fifty books for the year and I only have seven left.

Be back soon

p.s- Enjoy these random snapchat pictures. I actually took these while I was sick and with makeup you would never know *does a hair flip*



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