My Wet N Wild Holy Grails

Affordable makeup is my favorite kind of makeup. Sure you get what you pay for but I like to make that rule for foundations. Don’t get me wrong when you’re ballin on a budget that’s the only way to go but if you can splurge on a good foundation that works well with your skin then might as well pay a little more. I can say that I love these three products from Wet N Wild. I’ve been using them for two years now and they are a staple in my makeup kit. The first one is the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer. This bad boy works really well under my eyes and any area I highlight with. The trick with this is to leave it on for a minute and then blend it out. For some reason I find that it works better and really gets into the skin. I am in the shade light/medium. Another bonus is that this Concealer has no flashback so it literally is perfection. It’s creamy and the applicator makes it glide on like butter. The price for the concealer is $3.99 and you get .29oz worth of product. The next product that I use everyday is the contour sticks. I love this formula. It blends out really well and it isn’t harsh and it doesn’t take forever to buff out. I use it with a sense kabuki brush and it blends out so good! I am in the shade Call Me Maple. It looks really orange going on but once it’s fully blended it looks so nice. The price for the contour sticks are also $3.99  and you get worth .21oz of product. Another trick with this is that the container it’s in is a twist up. So you twist the contour stick up and you apply. Once it gets to where you can’t apply it with the product itself, you take a brush and get more of that product out. The last product that is my ultimate holy grail is the eyebrow kit. IT IS MY FAVORITE THING TO USE ON MY BROWS. My friends that I have recommended this to are just in love as I am. So the kit I get has 2 shades and 1 wax. I tend to mix both the shades together and always use the darker one towards the tail of my brow and the lighter towards the front and blend them in together. This product is again $3.99. I would say that the only bad thing is that I tend to use the wax up and have almost full pans of the powder and end up buying a new one. I wish the wax was a tad bit bigger.

I highly recommend trying these three products out. Obviously if you’re not my shade they do have other ones available but these are three that I have been using for years. I usually switch up by now but I just love them so much. The photo focus foundation is also really good, but I’m too in love with my NARS one to give that one love. The shades are limited but the foundation is pretty good.

Until next time,

lots of love,


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