I am getting ready to go to the gym and wanted to share something with you guys. Sometimes I feel like I’m an open book on here but the truth is I want to be able to come on here and look how far I’ve come. This journey has been an emotional roller coaster. When I first started, everyone thought it was because I got broken up with and thought it was some form of revenge. Ew! The gym saved me. As weird as that sounds it did and if I could do it all over again I would. There’s nothing that I would’ve done differently. The gym is my holy grail. Now people ask me why I started and stuck with it and honestly because I was sad all the time. I hated myself and no longer wanted to be who I was. I am still Samantha but I’m different mentally. I’m happy and I want the world to know that no matter how many times you fail or may think the world is ending, get back up and try again. This afternoon I went to the bathroom and noticed all these stretch marks on my sides and tummy. They were never there and I guess when I get out the shower it’s always steamy so I don’t pay attention but I saw them and cried. They weren’t sad tears though. They were happy ones. They were you did it and you’re doing it tears. My progress has been slow and annoying and because I work my ass off in the gym and eat right that can be the most frustrating thing but then I have to remind myself that this shit takes time. Time is one thing I have and I’m using it wisely. I work out six times a week and I don’t make excuses. So as I wiped my tears I had a moment of clarity. I haven’t gained any weight back. There’s muscle under this fat. I just have to remain consistent and when I hit my one year mark, I’m finna be a snack. I’ve been getting  lot of messages about me being an inspiration and that is the most rewarding thing to come out of all of this. You guys wanted to know what’s the first step and it just begins with how bad you want it. I’m more determined than ever to lose weight and by July I will be 100 pounds down. I say that and repeat it because I believe everything in life needs a due date. It also happens to be the month I started this journey so a year of this is going to  definitely be something I have to look forward to! I’m also taking a self-love trip, flying somewhere I’ve never been and that will be another bonus. Just remember to love yourself every step of the way. I had deep conversations with myself in the car and cried a bunch as well. If you need to cry for whatever reason do it and let it out. Don’t be sad about it for weeks. Don’t sit around and wait for a Monday to come around. Don’t be afraid to just go for it. Find balance in what you eat. Don’t restrict yourself from everything that you love to eat. Food in moderation is normal! You want a slice of pizza then eat the damn slice. Take care of yourself and know that it’s okay to come before anyone else. Be proud of any progress and know that the scale doesn’t mean shit. Feeling unmotivated ? Motivate your damn self. It isn’t about being unmotivated, it’s about taking action even when you don’t feel like it. When you take action you get results and when you get results you get motivated to keep taking action. There were so many times I didn’t want to go to the gym but I thought about it and I have goals and want results so my ass drove to the gym. Take action, stay consistent, and the results will follow. Don’t lie to yourself about the food you put into your mouth! Oh and if your body is tired, take a break!!! Don’t overwork yourself. Growth is a beautiful process and it’s okay to let toxic things go.

Just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. If you have any questions on where to start I’m just an email away. If you have me on social media then don’t be scared to ask away. You want to work out with me? Let’s make it happen. It’s a new year. I’m all about meeting new people. I have met some amazing people at my gym and they have helped me. I love paying it forward. Remember I’m still new at this and I’m still in the process of losing weight but I’m here if you need me. I won’t be taking any more progress pics till July when I hit my Year journey so here’s the last one. It’s crazy that I never notice it but everyone tells me and then I take a mirror picture lol. I also included a picture of my gym count cause that’s accountability!! And then there’s the ass progress. My ass has lifted so much and I’m proud of it! It used to look like I was squeezing in my butt cheeks. Now it’s rounding out and getting fatter. YAAASSSS!

Thank you to everyone for your words. They mean the world to me as I always say lol.

Until next time





6 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. What a post! And congratulations! I sincerely hope this reaches a lot of people because society could learn a lot from your attitude. You are an inspiration and I’m coming along for you journey #followed

    I have been doing this for a long time and have a few posts that could help you along with your journey. And even if there is something g I haven’t written about go to my contact us page and email me directly because I would love to help someone as hard working as you

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      1. Awesome, I’m starting a series of informative posts tomorrow where I explain the anatomy of various muscle groups and how to train them in a science based manner. Tomorrow will be arms if you are interested in reading that is quite well put together of o do was so myself haha. Yes I do my Instagram in jamesmichaelfit. What is your handle so I know to follow back

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      2. I followed you back on there. Mine is essswest. That’s awesome I’ll look out for that. I have some questions about my arms too so I’ll be sure to ask on there. I’m all about learning new things at the gym lol

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