5 Tips for the Gym

As the new year approaches 45% of the US said that their New Years resolution for 2018 would be to lose weight or get in shape. I know first hand that I failed many of those resolutions after only a month or two. It’s not fair but it happens. I noticed at my gym since I have been going non stop since July that it has become a little more packed than usual and it varies what time people go but there are a ton of new faces. I’m all for that! I mean it is a fresh start and your health should always be a priority. These past two weeks I even noticed that I’m going twice a day and making sure I hit an hour of cardio a day. Now for me to keep at this it can be hard but I know a few things to keep in mind and I wanted to share them with you guys.

The first tip that I can give anyone is to not be afraid to do other things than the treadmill or elliptical. I remember when I first started I was so scared that people were staring it would make me think things so horrible about myself. I finally got over it and pushed through and then realized that NO ONE IS STARING. Everyone goes to the gym to workout. They are bettering themselves and you deserve to be there just as much as anyone. I personally use the treadmill a lot but that’s just the quickest way that I enjoy to get my heart rate up and to get my cardio in. I have stubborn fat to lose and cardio is important but lifting weights is just as important if you want to lose weight and build muscle under all that. When I say that I have flabby arms, I also have muscle under that and it’s so crazy to just see that I really do have muscle. I can go on and on but that seems to be the top reason people get so discouraged to go to the gym. If you don’t know how to use the equipment, ask someone who works there. I mean you do pay monthly for the membership. YouTube is another thing you can use to watch a video to learn how to use certain equipment or the workout you’re doing.

The second tip would be to not compare yourself to others. If someone’s next to you on the treadmill and they are running at 5.5 and you’re at 2.5, just ignore it. I promise that with hard work and dedication you can even get that way. It just takes time. In the beginning, I was only walking at a slow pace. Then it went to walking for 2 minutes and running for 1 minute. Now I can run non stop for the whole hour. Eventually I switch it up and run at an incline but that is always the death of me. You can even bring a gym towel with you and cover the top of the treadmill to not see anything and just focus on your cardio time. I used to find myself looking at some fit girl at the gym or on Instagram and would pay anything in the world to look the way they did. My mentality is different now and I’m working to have the body I want for myself. Work hard, be consistent, and results will follow.

The third tip would be to not forget about your diet. Just because you workout doesn’t mean you can eat like shit. Eating like shit and working out will give your body different results. Love your body! I am plant-based/Vegan and I don’t like to say Vegan cause people get weird. I don’t try to convert people to be Vegan nor do I judge because hello I used to eat meat. I switched for health reasons and I do plan on going back to fish and chicken only when I lose the full 150 pounds that I want to lose but eating greens, fruits, beans, lots of different beans, (lentil soup is my favorite thing I make with potatoes and loads of lentils) have really changed my diet. In the beginning I will say that I was very gassy but that was a huge transition. Before I was doing that I was meal prepping and that is time-consuming but worth it and a lot cheaper than eating out. Smoothies are something I enjoy as a snack but I personally wouldn’t recommend them being a meal you eat. Occasionally I will eat something I enjoy but I don’t eat a lot of it and I can admit that I calculate the calories and burn it off at the gym. It sounds very meticulous but I enjoy telling you guys the truth. I haven’t gained any of the weight I lost so it works. I used to binge eat all the time and have so many snacks and now that I look back at that I’m glad I made this journey happen. Even my family will remind me to eat because I’m so busy or I’m honestly not hungry. I know it’s horrible because my doctor already told me that I’m not eating enough and so I’m trying to be better at that. I have a new diet plan I am working on to start next month and the only reason I am starting that next month is because I want to try out the recipes before I commit to eating them for a whole two months.

The fourth tip would be to buy a gym bag. I am a visual person and I always have my gym bag on me. I have two memberships that I use and that is at Anytime Fitness (monthly)and the other is at 9 Rounds(every other month) . I did an earlier post on what that is so be sure to check that out. So in my gym bag I have a bunch of things I use at the gym. I am doing my next post on what’s in my gym bag so look out for that too. When I see my gym bag that reminds me of goals I want to reach. So in a way it motivates me to get up and go workout.

The fifth tip is my favorite and that’s having a gym playlist in your music. There is nothing more annoying to me than a shitty song coming on when I’m working out and have to pull my phone out and change the song. The playlists I currently have roughly amount to how much time I spend in the gym. So each playlist are about two hours. I have a country one, an upbeat cardio one, a spanish one, and an oldies but goodie one. They all have bangers I love. I can even get to a song when it’s not on shuffle and know when my hour of cardio is up. Like, “YASSSS after this song is done I can stop running,”

I went from dreading the gym to using it as a safe zone for me to release feelings and now it is home. I enjoy working out. I am OCD with working out and what I use and do. When I lift weights I focus on whatever muscle group I’m working out and just kill it. I have lifted my ass, built muscle, and have lost inches. I also am getting a personal trainer for two months starting in March. The only reason I waited to start in March is because I want to see what my school load is going to be like and then see when I can add my training. It also happens to be when his schedule is more flexible. Everyone can reach their gym resolutions this year by just going! All you have to do is make that first step and then go on from there. One day at a time and you’ll get there. Remember that there are days when maybe you do need that donut but because you work your ass off, you deserve it. I am still working towards my goals and still wanting it more than I ever have. I just know and understand that this doesn’t happen overnight. Maybe you can’t afford a gym? Walking trails are free and even doing some laps around your neighborhood will get you there.

Until next time

lots of love



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