What’s in my gym bag?

I mentioned in my last post that I use my gym bag as a visual to get me motivated to workout. For me it really works! If I see it there all sad and not getting used it makes me get up and go workout. That sounds so dramatic but hey whatever gets you to the gym. I have two memberships to different gyms and that means I have a lot of crap in my bag. The only thing that I didn’t include in my bag was my jump rope because believe it or not that’s one of my favorite ways to get cardio in at random times throughout the day. Anything to keep my heart rate up. I also didn’t include my water bottles that I use for my supplements as well as just to drink. So let’s see what’s in my gym bag.


So up above is my cute gym bag I got from my Mom for Christmas. I actually already had an old one but look how cute this one is lol This bag carries my life.


First item are my shoes I use for leg day. These are something I asked for Christmas and my pops got them for me. Ever since I started to use a flatter shoe it has helped me so much with lifting heavy.  I would never recommend using these for running or even walking on the treadmill. You will have blisters the size of Texas!


Second items in my bag are my supplements. I take my preworkout (Cardio Rush) every morning workout that I do. If I take it at night then I can’t sleep. I mix the CLA + Carnitine with my preworkout for my morning workouts. If I have a night workout then I only take the CLA. Those help me stay focused and get me pumped for my workout. I also noticed that I sweat so much more when I take them. I take the BCAA after my workout.


Obviously this was next in my bag because I will never be one of those people who put the powder in their mouth and then drink waster. Trust me I tried it and it was the worst. I normally have two cups in my bag but it’s being washed.


I always keep my gloves in my bag and my hand wraps are inside my gloves. Since I have the two memberships I always have them so I never forget them.


I always have a little bag filled with things that I need.  I tend to take my makeup off a lot before I work out so I have make up remover wipes and eye remove stuff. I have extra hair ties, hand sanitizer, and pads because you never know when Aunt Flo is coming. Well you do know but sometimes it can come a day early or late.


Headphones are always a must. I am investing in a good pair but they aren’t a priority with my finances lol. I just have other things that I’m trying to pay off faster like my car so I’ll just wait on those.


I always like to have extra socks in my bag. Why? I’m a weirdo and I feel like I need them.


I use this to stretch in the mornings and it really has helped. I have gone this long without hurting myself so I feel that stretching has helped with not being so stiff and sore.

That’s everything that I have in my bag. There’s one more thing that I absolutely think everyone should have but I’ll save that for the next post. Let me know something you have in your gym bag!

Until next time

lots of love



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