Lit or Shit: More Fenty Products

Last week I finally put aside money to go get the gloss bomb from Fenty. I’m really not trying to spend right now so I set aside some money lol. So there I was excited to finally go get the gloss. They informed me that they were out but they had a mini set that had a highlight and a gloss. So I purchased it. I figured I hardly ever wear makeup anymore due to working out everyday so it was enough for me. The highlight included was Hu$tla Baby and I was glad because as beautiful as the Trophy Wife is I didn’t want a gold beaming highlight on my face. I paid $23.oo for the mini set and I also wanted to try a new foundation so the Sephora gal hooked it up. I absolutely loved the highlight formula. It wasn’t too harsh on my skin and it didn’t make it look ashy. It is the perfect glow. I can say that the highlight has the same love as my champagne pop! So when I am out I will be purchasing the full pan. The Gloss Bomb is the best lip gloss formula out there! It is perfection!!!! IT wasn’t sticky, the smell is amazing, and my hair didn’t stick to it as the wind blew it in my face!! I mean come on, it doesn’t get any more perfect than that. Both were LIT! If you want to try these products I suggest buying it the mini way so you get a feel if you would want more of them. I will be getting both full-sized the next time I decide to get them. I try to stay away from the mall, spending money is not an option for 2018 lol. I’m going to include some pictures of the products. I also wanted to say sorry for not responding to your emails quick enough. I love that you guys love my workouts and there is a bicep/tricep workout coming. Also on approving comments on here, lately I haven’t been getting the ugly comments and I love that but it’s like as soon as I set it to letting the comments post, whoever does it leaves me mean things and I just don’t want to see that.

Until next time

lots of love




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