Weekend Snapshot: February 9-11th

Today I woke up with the worst hangover. I didn’t go to the gym Friday or Saturday. The amount of anxiety I felt for not going was hard to take in. I know I am always positive lately but I knew that going to the gym tonight was going to kill me. It did. I started with an hour of cardio. Then did a full upper body workout. I moved onto another hour of cardio followed by a lower body workout. That altogether put me at 3,500 calories. My goal was to burn 4,000 so I added an ab workout and hit the jump rope and I was officially dead. I know I shouldn’t let not going to the gym get to me but it does. My life revolves around studying, working, and going to the gym. So yes granted I deserved everything I ate and drank this past weekend, I don’t like to feel like I didn’t go workout cause I was hungover on Saturday from Friday. And then Sunday From Saturday.

Friday was spent sleeping in until 9am. Then getting a pedicure with my cousin. I cleaned and went straight to work. I got off work and got ready to meet my sister, cousin, and friends for dinner and then we had a date with Christen Gray. The last movie to this trilogy was everything. I didn’t want it to come to an end but it did. I can say these past Valentines with it coming out around that time have been filled with memories. After the movie I went with my friends to this little spot called Runway. It was chill with the exception of some old guy buying us shots and then wanting to basically fight us lol

Saturday we had a birthday party for my Dads birthday. I was so happy to see him with his friends. He’s been on a diet and has stuck with it so it was good seeing him have a good time. I drank a lot and slept till 5:50pm the next day. I woke up and got to the gym around 7:00pm and didn’t leave till a little after 11pm.

I need to work on giving myself room for it to be okay to not go to the gym. I can’t lie it is really hard but eventually I will get there. The gym is my happy place. It keeps me sane and positive. I have recorded some workouts of me doing it for the vlog so be sure to check that out at the end of the month. I also have some other uploads on a YouTube so be sure to subscribe to me channel.

I’m ending tonight with some reading. I won’t upload this until tomorrow so if you’re reading this it is Monday. Hope you all have a fabulous week. Stay on the grind and crush your goals.

Love forever and always, Esswest





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