Transformation Thursday

I take off any masks knowing that the first step in being my true self is to be naked.
I dig deep to find the courage to allow myself to shine in my unique soul purpose knowing that doing so is not only for my good but also helps others.
I use courage as the fuel in the journey of becoming the next version of my true self.
I embrace self-actualization as an ongoing process knowing this is a journey, not a destination.

Today I posted a transformation Thursday photo on my Instagram and I received so much love and positivity. I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who took time out of their day to just be so nice and send me positive vibes. One of my dear friends made me cry with a text and they were happy tears. Everything she said was true. I’m going to post that text and post what I did on Instagram. I have 150 followers on here and I’m thankful for you guys. I would love to follow you on other social media platforms to see more of you. So leave a comment of your Instagram and I’ll go follow. I won’t accept the comment to keep it more private but I would appreciate that.

The first picture on the left was from July 2017. Literally the weekend all my friends took me out. I just started the gym. The other on the right is from Valentines Day. I’m just so happy you guys. I just wanted to come on here and let anyone know that you have setbacks for major come backs

Words to live by in 2018:
1. Gratitude
2. Intention
3. Patience
4. Healing
5. Grace
6. Improvement

love always and forever, Esswest



Side note: the picture on the left I used a Snapchat filter and the one on the right is just me in my kitchen with a normal camera taking a photo.

One thought on “Transformation Thursday

  1. You’re such an inspiration to me and my wife. We have started our weight loss journey because of you. I would love to see what you eat in a day on your YouTube channel! Keep it up!


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