Goodbye Anytime Fitness

Today I cancelled my membership at Anytime Fitness and it was such a bittersweet feeling. I committed myself to the gym since July which means I’ve been very consistent with going with the exception of off days or when I was out of town. I remained on the top five active members and this place was my second home. The gym is just going downhill. It’s hardly ever clean now and there’s no management there and it hasn’t happened since December but there was no power because they forgot to pay the bill. I enjoyed this gym because I hate big gyms. I am officially a member of Planet Fitness. I say official because I got the black membership which is a 12 month agreement. This gym is cheaper than my old gym and looks so clean inside. It is also open twenty four hours. I used to never really want to go to big gyms because I was scared but that’s how I can tell I’ve changed. I don’t care who looks at me, I go to the gym for what most people go for, to workout. So yesterday I went a little too hard with partying. I still haven’t made it to the gym today but I’m going tonight so this will be my first workout at my new gym. Here’s to new adventures and even more weight loss.

Happy Saturday everyone!!!





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