Random Fact Tuesday

I just wanted to come on here and do something fun and throw y’all some facts about me. So let’s not waste any time and jump right into it. Also I hope you all are enjoying all these posts. I’m really trying hard to upload everyday. I’ve had time so it’s been easy. I’m also going to be pre writing posts to upload when I’m busy.

//i enjoy being vegan. some people will tell me they couldn’t do it but that’s how I felt about it in the beginning and now I love it.

//my middle name is marie.

//my ideal date would be working out with someone at the gym. nothing sounds better than hitting some cardio and weights.

//the longest time i spent at the gym was five hours. YES FIVE HOURS!

//leg day is my favorite, specifically working out my glutes.

//i like to give random scenarios that will most likely never happen.

//i am the world’s shittiest texter.

//my cars name is yoncé.

//i love the shit out of myself.

//i’m down 69 pounds. i gained weight from muscle so i was down 72 and now i’m back to the sixties.

//i plan on losing 100 pounds by july

//i can play CTRL all day and not get tired of it.

//when i love, i love hard. i’ll love you forever.

//ess is the first letter of my name. west is my favorite rapper and coast.

//one of my favorite quote is from harry potter. dumbledore recites the words “happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one can remember to turn on the light.”

//i’m happy

//i look forward to family trips

//my sister is literally my favorite person and my brother is after

//i’m a firm believer in timing is everything.

//my degree will be in criminal justice

//i never leave the house without my fitbit

//saving money for owning my first home is exciting lol

//i will always be a what if person. when the time is right everything and anything can happen.

//i’m way too excited for rodeo season

//i have read 5 books so far for the new year. my goal is 30 for the year.

love always and forever

//this picture is my favorite atm. im just a happy person lately and i didn’t know i could be this way.  it was taken yesterday lol




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