You Just Move On

Some people are only meant to come in our life for a certain amount of time. It’s not fair but don’t try and force it. It’s going to hurt for a long time but understand your self worth and know that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. The other day one of my friends asked how I got over my ex and I just did it. I don’t have reasons how. I just did it. I took it day by day and then the hurt just went away. Life happens and you just move on.

My advice to everyone is to always love yourself first. I’m not talking about the egotistic or narcissistic type of self-love. I’m referring to the self-love that one experiences when we begin to discover ourselves and devote time to the things that are best for our highest purpose. From my experience, my relationships with others got better when I began to love myself more wholeheartedly. Insecurities began to disappear. Jealousy dwindled. There was no room for foolishness. Confidence began to flourish in me and left no space for anything that didn’t add peace to my life. This applies to people and places, all relationships not just the romantic ones. Love yourself first and you’ll start to witness the changes around and within you. It’s the only way to truly thrive.

My advice on love is, be welcoming to it. Remember to give it a proper home, nurture it, let it bloom and grow. Love can be messy, it can be confusing and even scary…but you are deserving of it. Real, butterflies in your stomach, I can’t stop thinking about you, you are my safe place type of love. Don’t cheat yourself out of it. Love hard…unapologetically. That’s what we’re placed on earth for, to provide light and love. Oh and one more thing…bask in that feeling when you’ve got it and it’s reciprocated. I’ve learned you can’t always be too safe.

Dating is awkward. The only thing I can give advice on with that is to not over think it and don’t go into dating without knowing if your ready or not. I started dating again and I love myself fully this time so I know what I’m worth and I know myself and every quality I’m looking for.  I also have my priorities in check so that’s something that will not change.

Until next time

Unbothered. Loving myself. All day, everyday.

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