Today I woke up and felt the need to let you all know what’s going on with my life. I say everything on here and post what I feel and I feel such positive energy from you guys so I wanted to share something special.
Before I put myself back out there I made sure I was ready. I started dating again and it felt different this time because I love myself. I felt that I needed to love myself before I could let anyone in. It was necessary. I also want to point out that going into a new relationship I knew what I did and didn’t want. Toxic relationships are the devil and that’s what my last relationship was. I still want to keep my priorities in check with school, weight loss, and my all around life. I learned from my mistakes and I don’t regret anything that happened in the past. They helped form the woman I am today. The mistakes made me realize my self worth and as I always say, I fucking blossomed.
So lately there’s been one guy contributing to my happiness and his name is Eddie.
His name at first was unfortunate but as I got to know him, that didn’t really matter. It became funny and I looked past it.
Sometimes people come in your life when you least expect it and are just perfect in their own way. I’m glad I met someone who is into fitness and is helping me reach my goals. Who makes me laugh and keeps a huge smile on my face. He gives me butterflies and is a genuine person. He said that I’m someone he deserves and that made my heart melt. I didn’t want to jump into anything right away. I let it happen and then he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. Can’t wait for all the adventures we have planned 💕

Until next time



3 thoughts on “march

  1. You don’t understand how happy I am for you. Your blogs helped me get through the worst break up and here I am breathing and shit. I know you said you lied in your last relationship and you did shit that didn’t make you happy but you came a long way. I’m happy you don’t need anyone to make you happy but somehow here you are in a new relationship and just thriving with your weight loss. Keep inspiring people! Cause you inspire me.


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