75 pounds down

It has taken me a week to post this because I kept going back-and-forth on revealing my body out to the public. I want everyone to understand that I have truly invested in myself. So the reason that I was going back and forth on posting this is because I don’t need appraisal from anyone. When you guys tell me that I motivate you and then I’m an inspiration it just makes me feel all kinds of positive energy running through my body.  I don’t need to see hateful or mean comments. Seeing those kinds of comments won’t hurt me because mentally and physically I am stronger than most think.
At my heaviest I was the sad person and a lot has changed since then. I am so proud of the person that I’ve become. I’m not this mean and hateful person anymore. Losing weight and loving myself helped me grow. So today I am sharing with you guys some progress from where I started and I want to let you all know that I’ve been doing this since July 2017. It wasn’t easy and I motivated myself. There was no one pushing me. I’ve worked out for a total of 250 days out of the 273 since I started. Losing weight takes time and especially when it’s more of a lifestyle change. This weight has stayed off. I want to emphasize on that because sure I’ve lost weight in the past but this time none of it came back. I plateaued several times and that had to be the hardest thing to set my mind and body to still keep going because honestly it’s something I don’t wish upon my worst enemy. Some people asked me how that worked and some weeks I wouldn’t lose any weight so I switched up what I ate and even my gym routine and then it would get me out of that plateau. I also want to say I still drank diet Dr Pepper from time to time and I still ate hot Cheetos in moderation. I would literally eat a few and then give the bag to my sisters boyfriend. I held myself accountable for everything I ate. My family has been a big contributor to my success. When we went to restaurants and I was vegan they didn’t question what I ordered. Fish is now apart of my diet but going Vegan was life changing with my body. I felt different and I would do it all over again. Now my weight loss is at another weird stage so I’m starting a new diet plan for April that my amazing boyfriend made me. It has got to the point where I don’t even eat anymore and it’s not because I’m starving myself. It’s because I’m not hungry. I started lifting again and I’m so sore. I don’t know but the past few weeks I was heavily doing cardio. Eddie has been working out with me and showing me a ton of new things at the gym. He’s very patient with me and I love that about him. I never took progress pictures. I always just went by how my clothes are fitting and all of the doctor visits that I weighed myself at. So I knew when I was at my heaviest I needed to take a picture of it and I did. It was still like a selfie because I used the front camera, it’s just not a flattering angle. But you can still see where I started. That picture is just for a reference point. The other pictures I took on Snapchat and saved them. I used the filter cause I didn’t have any make up on and then I kept using the filter for all the pictures so they would look the same. The bra stays the same throughout the photos as well. From July I will lose my 100 pounds. Then by the end of 2018 I want to drop another 50 and then by summer of 2019 I will have lost all the weight I wanted to and work on other things. Like I said this is just another victory in my books. Nothing happens overnight. This is a lifestyle change for me. I appreciate and love everyone that has ever left me a positive message on any social media I have. Here’s to more weight loss.
Until next time
Love always and forever



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