//This past weekend I celebrated my best friends birthday early in the city that keeps it weird, Austin. Finals are this week then it’s my moms birthday and then boom it’s Mother’s Day. I wasn’t going to have time to party with her so, we planned this trip back in January.

//So we left Friday around noon and our first stop was at Buccees. Then it was a non stop drive to there.  Then we went straight to eat something. When in Austin you go to In-N-Out and that’s what we did. I couldn’t eat what they ate but they do have a vegan option so that’s what I got. We planned on getting lit on Friday so we (more so I) got pretty good off of pre-gaming. The first time I ever did that was when I went to Austin back in January so I knew I had a budget out there and buying a bottle and making drinks before going out is so smart to do because I maybe spent thirty bucks on drinks that night. We went to a few bars and danced the night away. I never do that. I always get drunk and chill. This was the first time that I actually danced and I really believe that was my self-love taking over.

//Saturday we left our hotel around noon and headed to my favorite pizza spot in Austin, Home Slice. This was my boyfriend, best friend, and her boyfriends first time in the weird city so I was so glad to hear they loved the pizza. //side note: This was the first time we all really actually hung out and I was also happy to hear they all enjoyed each other// We then headed to shops around that area which was South Congress and took some pictures. Eddie loves to take full body pictures and that is still something I’m new to so, it was a little out of my comfort zone but I still took them. We then went to the Graffiti Park and had some fun there. Eddie found a can of spray paint and wrote self-love on the wall and also bought me this poem from this girl who could write about anything and self love was the topic. I really love how he appreciates how much that means to me. I love that man. We headed back to the hotel and freshened up for an hour then went to play an 18 round hole game of mini golf. This was something I really wanted to do and it was just like the old-fashioned ones so I was in love. Eddie and I go to Shankz in the Woodlands and that one is glow in the dark and is cool and everything but this was way better and you can bring alcohol. I beat Eddie finally by one point and also got a hole in one! We were ending our night eating Mexican food then somehow we ended up pre-gaming and going out to 6th street again. Lets just say I said, “FUCK IT UP”
to everyone walking by me.

//It was a lit weekend with some of my favorite people. I created a ton of new memories with my boyfriend who I am happy to say  is still going strong. I am in a healthy relationship, I am passing all my classes with A’s, I’m working to be debt free, I am in love with myself, I am happy, and I deserve this.

//until next time


//here are some pictures from this weekend.




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