What I Eat In A Week: May 2018


//January 2018 -60pounds Vs May 2018 -80pounds

//So there were a bunch of y’all who asked me what have I been eating to help me lose the weight. So in the beginning I really didn’t know how to diet. I just ate clean which made me turn Vegan. That consisted of a ton of plant-based foods. So going into this year I started eating fish around April and now I started eating chicken. On average I’ve been losing 2-3 pounds per week. I try and eat 5 times a day when it should be 6, every 3 hours from when I have my first meal. I really didn’t have an eating schedule like this up until April. Before that I was eating maybe twice a day and really fucked up my metabolism. I started this new diet, and my workouts got better and I started losing again because I plateaud hard before starting this new diet. So by eating every 3-4 hours it helps speed up your metabolism. Alright so here’s what I eat in a week.

//First Meal: 10AM

-2 Protein Pancakes
126 Calories
39g Protein
10g Carbs

-6 Egg Whites
150 Calories
30g Protein
0 Carbs



This keeps me full and trust me when I say it might sound easy eating every 3 hours but it’s not. The first week I cried. Yeah I’m extra and I cried cause it was just intense on me from eating twice a day to 5-6 times a day.

//Next Meals: @1PM @4PM @7PM @10PM
I eat the same thing the rest of the day. Occasionally I will cook egg whites to add to my calories if I am still hungry or to meet my calorie intake. I always add pepper on them. I use olive oil to cook with. I will admit that sometimes I can’t make it to that 10PM meal but that’s why I add egg whites to my other meals during the day. The egg whites taste really good mixed with the rice.

-6oz of Protein-( mine was chicken)
276 Calories
51 g Protein
0 Carbs

-1 cup of white rice
238 Calories
5g Protein
45g Carbs

-1 cup of broccoli
120 Calories
4g Protein
13g Carbs


//So this diet is pretty easy. I have other options I can use to switch things up but for now I love this. I just started eating chicken again and it has made me really gassy but I didn’t eat it for almost a year so that was something I expected. This is what I eat in a week. I can say that when I eat more, my workouts are so much better. Especially all the protein I am feeding my body. I am a stronger lifter and I don’t feel like shit after a workout. Sorry this took so long to post but I just got distracted. If your new to a diet and want a plan, hit me up on my email or any of my social media.

//Until next time
love you guys the most




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