To: Me // From: Me

dear samantha marie,

you have surprised me. i doubted you a lot in the beginning of this journey because i didn’t think you were strong enough to push through and continue to be so set on your goals. you have started and stopped a lot of diets, school, and saving. but you’ve changed and it’s a good thing. you are at such a good place now and i know that happiness is running up and down your body. no matter what negativity is thrown your way, you have dealt with it. this time last year you hated yourself and now you are so in love with yourself that it makes me jealous. you are in a relationship now and it’s healthy. don’t shut him out. always have an open mind and know that space is healthy. you will still continue to get what you put out in the world so next time you see a car stalled, stop just like some people did for you a few weeks ago. loving yourself needs to always be a priority because that’s what got you through something you didn’t think you would ever be over. you are a beautiful gem. you are kind. you are worthy. you are smart. you are funny. you deserve anything you want in this world and remember to never doubt yourself. shit happens for a reason so try to not cry or freak out. always stay true to yourself and do things because you truly want to do them not because you think you should. don’t stop being creative but do stop procrastinating. remember the journey you started and keep inspiring others. you are really hard on yourself so here’s a YASSSSS bitch so you remain humble and proud. be proud of the crazy, clumsy, fun, sarcastic person that you are. love yourself; appreciate who you were made to be and all that you’ve changed. there is no one quite as crazy or funny as you. enjoy your flaws instead of blaming them, become one with every cell in your body. never allow guilt to pull you down. you can only do your own best! as long as you have put 100 percent in everything you do, you will be fine. you may be a work in progress but you are still always enough. there should be no room for doubt in this regard. i know when you see people you see the best in them but learn to be mindful of the gap between their intentions and actions. and I hope you are able to do the same with yourself. keep growing at the gym. be more honest and less afraid. dare greatly. trust again. take as much as you are willing to give. you are human so accept even the parts of you that you hate. this is how you’re going to become bullet-proof; and it is essential if you plan to devote your life to a purpose larger than yourself, your ambitions and your flaws. there is more light in you than you would like to believe. your loved ones see it. in fact, this is what attracts them to you. i always want to see you happy so please give yourself permission to succeed wildly. life is too short to be anything other than extraordinary.

Love always,



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