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I just wanted to say some facts things about this journey to put out there. The name of this post is from my weight loss Instagram page. Follow me 💕

I am human. I do eat ice cream from time to time. Along with anything else I want in moderation. It’s called balance.

I am being very patient with my weight loss and sometimes it’s not easy but I’m never giving up.

This is the longest that I’ve ever stuck to something and it’s been a crazy ride so far.

I have rest days from the gym.

I’m still fat. I feel like people have this misconception that just because I post something I think I’m skinny or have the fattest ass. It’s called a weight loss journey for a reason. Along the way I’m going to love every part of me and as Beyoncé says “I’m feeling myself.” It’s not my fault some people don’t love themselves so they wanna talk shit about me.

I’m no longer Vegan. I do not eat any kind of red meat though. I try and go light with any dairy  as well.

I have a ton of stretch marks and cellulite.

My arms are something I’m very insecure about. They definitely are the hardest to get rid of but I’ll make it happen.

I still have a double chin but it’s going away slowly lol

Next month will be exactly a year since I started this journey. I want to remain on this journey till the end of the year and then one more year. So another 1.5 years for me to reach my goals. Trust me when I say I’m determined to get there all on my own.

I don’t have that much loose skin. I think that’s because I lift more than cardio now.

You can’t pin point where fat loss comes from cause then I’d have some guns lol


I went from a 4X to 1X but I still like my clothes loose so you’ll catch me in a 2X lol

Converse on leg day

I love going to the gym. I love eating clean.

Monday/Thursday: Chest and Back

Tuesday/Friday: Bi/Tricep and Shoulders

Wednesday: Legs

Thats my workout schedule. I also start 9Rounds next month again so that’s my favorite. I also do cardio everyday and I need to start getting better with abs.

I love the fuck out of myself and I’m so proud of my consistent progress.

Until next time


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