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I just wanted to say some facts things about this journey to put out there. The name of this post is from my weight loss Instagram page. Follow me πŸ’•

I am human. I do eat ice cream from time to time. Along with anything else I want in moderation. It’s called balance.

I am being very patient with my weight loss and sometimes it’s not easy but I’m never giving up.

This is the longest that I’ve ever stuck to something and it’s been a crazy ride so far.

I have rest days from the gym.

I’m still fat. I feel like people have this misconception that just because I post something I think I’m skinny or have the fattest ass. It’s called a weight loss journey for a reason. Along the way I’m going to love every part of me and as BeyoncΓ© says “I’m feeling myself.” It’s not my fault some people don’t love themselves so they wanna talk shit about me.

I’m no longer Vegan. I do not eat any kind of red meat though. I try and go light with any dairy Β as well.

I have a ton of stretch marks and cellulite.

My arms are something I’m very insecure about. They definitely are the hardest to get rid of but I’ll make it happen.

I still have a double chin but it’s going away slowly lol

Next month will be exactly a year since I started this journey. I want to remain on this journey till the end of the year and then one more year. So another 1.5 years for me to reach my goals. Trust me when I say I’m determined to get there all on my own.

I don’t have that much loose skin. I think that’s because I lift more than cardio now.

You can’t pin point where fat loss comes from cause then I’d have some guns lol


I went from a 4X to 1X but I still like my clothes loose so you’ll catch me in a 2X lol

Converse on leg day

I love going to the gym. I love eating clean.

Monday/Thursday: Chest and Back

Tuesday/Friday: Bi/Tricep and Shoulders

Wednesday: Legs

Thats my workout schedule. I also start 9Rounds next month again so that’s my favorite. I also do cardio everyday and I need to start getting better with abs.

I love the fuck out of myself and I’m so proud of my consistent progress.

Until next time


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