I’m going to keep this post short and simple.

So I started eating nothing again. What I mean by that is I suck at eating. I thought it would be easier since I stuck with it for a few weeks of eating every 3 hours and you guys it’s fucking hard. I’ll eat once or twice a day and eating like that is not healthy and it makes my gym performance shitty. Never did I ever think it would be hard to just eat. But it is. It’s been rough and I wanted to share this because it’s real life! Today on my weight loss insta page I had people DM me and comment on my post, telling me thank you. They thought they were the only ones but nope lol. I weighed myself today and I’m 88 fucking pounds down. I’m 12 pounds away from losing 100. This is insane. I am still fat but I’m strong af lol and you can see the progress. I am really going to push myself for the rest of the year after next month because it’s only going to get harder. When I say I’m still fat, it’s because I still am. I still have fat in all the places I had before I lost this weight but there’s just less of it. I’m a lot smaller. I went from a 4X tight to a 1X loose. I hope everyone keeps pushing goals and accomplishing them. If you fall off the wagon then pick yourself up and hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals.

Until next time


One thought on “88 POUNDS DOWN!!!

  1. Yes!!!! Girl I just got my macros down and that shit was rough especially cause my eating was so random. Once you get t down again you will start to see those gainzzzzzzzz lol
    I love seeing your hard work!
    Go to the next fit expo and quit playing games and have that discount code 😂


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