One Year Later

So July 1, 2017 is when I started my weight loss journey. Sunday made a year since I started my journey and in one year I lost 90 pounds. My story is not one of overnight success. I didn’t take a magic pill. My results were not from a fad diet or a product from an infomercial. My journey has been more like a roller coaster ride of trials, many errors, and a collection of small milestones along the way, eventually leading to more than I ever expected to gain. During the first two months I slowly gave up junk food and meal prepped. In August I went Vegan and stayed Vegan for 8 months. Then I switched to eating fish only and then another month later I started eating chicken. During that time I went to the gym everyday. It wasn’t until April of this year when I started to take rest days. I didn’t start lifting until March of this year. There were times I didn’t lose any weight but I wasn’t cheating, I just wasn’t eating. Food has always been something I’ve struggled with so I figured if I didn’t eat then I had nothing to lose. That messed me up in the long run because I lost weight by not eating but then I got to a point where I wasn’t losing anymore and metabolism was fucked. I met someone and he gave me a lot of insight on how I need to be eating and then I started losing weight again. I lost 90 pounds in one year. I started at 368 pounds and I’m ending it at 278 pounds. Before if someone asked me how much do I weighed then or now I would’ve shut down and been so ashamed but now it’s like I know my weight is going to keep going down and I’m just so proud of all the progress that I’ve made because I did it for myself and it made me love myself so much. My goal was to lose 100 but sometimes life happens and it is what it is. I am not done with my weight loss journey. I plan on losing another 60 by the end of the year. It was 50 but I have to make up for the 10 that I didn’t lose but the dedication and time are here I just have to keep going and keep thriving. I shared all of that information about the way I ate and the gym, weights and stuff because this weight loss wasn’t A+B=C it was more like A+B-C+F(G)=Z. No one tells you what a plateau is until you plateaued. I constantly had to change things up and it wasn’t easy. This weight loss so far has been one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do. It taught me how to be more strict with myself. This weight loss has taught me that food is not the enemy if you enjoy certain junk food it is okay to have that in moderation. You don’t have to eat the whole bag of hot Cheetos or the whole box of pizza. This weight loss so far has also taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to if I want it bad enough. Another thing that I noticed is that I used to go to the gym so late so that no one would see me and stare at me. I went to a small gym because of that. And then I switched gyms and I started going to a bigger gym. And then I started lifting and that was a game changer. I didn’t care who saw me, lifting made me feel really good. In that time I also got a gym partner and he is amazing and he happens to be my boyfriend now. Let me just take a second to brag about this boy, he gave me a diet and he’s been my gym partner ever since and he pushes me and taught me proper form. I am now going to golds gym with him and if you would’ve told me that last year I would’ve laughed nervously because I always thought that gym was just for macho men.
I’m no longer using the smith machine for chest and when I do my squats. I’m using the bench press and squat rack. I am lifting the bar on my own and it’s just so exciting. I no longer hide from people at the gym, sometimes I catch myself shutting down a little when it gets too packed for me but I still have a really good workout. I worked on self love at every weightless milestone and now I am madly in love with myself. It’s not the big head love. It’s more of the love that I never gave myself as a child to teen years to adult. I can look in the mirror now and be like yasssss bitcchhh.
This is just the beginning of my journey. One year down and another year and a half to go. January of 2020 is when I plan on being all the way done with the weight I want to lose. I just want to get strong af. Here’s to the rest of my journey. Thank you to everyone who told me I inspire them. Thank you for your words of encouragement and positivity.


Some of these photos were along my journey.  Comparing when I lost for example 52 to examples 70. Overall I lost inches and I have clear stretch marks everywhere. My chest got smaller and has lifted. My ass got fatter and is lifting. I still have fat there’s just less of it. I don’t have too much loose skin and with me lifting hard now I know I won’t have that much in the end. This is a weightloss transformation so please keep in mind that this is going to take time but again thank you guys for taking time out of your day to show me so much love.



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