Booty Growth Update

This is going to be a short post on me growing my booty. When I first started my ass was big but it was just as if it was sucked in and droopy. It took a while but this year it finally started to lift and grow. I hit legs twice a week and everyone wanted to know my workouts. I switch it up often but for now I can let you all know what has worked for me. I do leg extensions, leg curls, single leg extensions, squats on the smith machine and on the squat rack, leg press and single leg press, calf raises, cable deadlifts. I’ve used different leg exercises but these have been the consecutive ones I’ve used for the past couple of months. I will say that I stopped all together in using the smith machine and now I am only on the squat rack so that’s a small victory and I’ll take it. Obviously I didn’t take before pictures but I have one from when I started doing boxing that the trainer took of me and you guys will be shook. My next post will be my gym schedule so make sure you read that if you want to know my workouts.

As you can see the difference makes me want to keep going and working for the ass I want. There’s still some lifting to do but I think by September it should be lifted and then all I have to do is round out.

Until next time


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