Here are a few things I’m currently obsessed with. Let me know in the comments something your obsessed with.

PUBG add me lol this game is addicting and so relaxing at the same time ( my character ID is 5122080344)

Party of Five. It’s on Netflix. Idk I just wanted a show with a ton of episodes and seasons so now I’m hooked.

Pistacio Almond Icecream. It’s crack.

My Smoothie I drink every morning. I’m doing my next blog post on it. A lot of you asked cause I’m always snapping it in my Starbucks cup lol

Egg Whites and Eggs. I stay eating eggs.

Astros shirts. You can catch me in them all week.

Wearing lashes and face oil only. Summer is hot and I go to the gym too much to wear it and waste it.

NuGo Dark Chocolate Chip protein cookie. You can’t taste the protein in them. I love them.

White toe nails. This is the only shade I’ve liked for the past 3 pedicures.

I’m reading two new poetry books. One I bought myself and one my sister got me.

Alex and Ani bracelets. I had two then four and now I have six. I really love them. Each one has a different meaning.

Chest Day is currently my favorite. I’m finally benching on an actual bench press. Lifting the bar and everything.

Ground Turkey and Potatoes. I have eaten this for the past two weeks lol so you can say I’m currently eating this.

Also currently addicted to Eddie’s niece

I have a math class this fall so I guess you can say I’m currently getting myself ready for it.

Hope you enjoyed my randomness 💕

Until next time


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