Samantha’s Fiber Stomach Shrinking Smoothie

So I’ve been having this smoothie for the past few weeks and it’s done some amazing things like shrink my stomach, make me feel better, and just give me a ton of fiber. A lot of you asked me what was in this mysterious green smoothie so I’m about to tell you. It has given me a lot more energy and it keeps me full. I will say I add this packet of fiber from Omnilife which is a natural supplement and that was a game changer! It made the smoothie taste so much better.

1 nopale

1 red apple

2 stalks of celery

1 cup of pineapple

1 packet of Fiber from Omnilife

3-4 stems of parsley

6oz of water

This smoothie taste really good to me. Sometime I add ice or chia seeds and it just makes the consistency a little different but try this smoothie and let me know what you think of it. It makes me feel so good and I know it will make you too!

until next time

I reuse my Starbucks water cups for my smoothie lol

The venti size is the perfect size.

The top picture shows the amount I put for two smoothies

I wouldn’t meal prep this smoothie cause it’s best consumed 2-3 hours after you make it


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