To the moon…

Someone asked me why I deleted recent posts about my boyfriend. I just wanted to keep our relationship more private. I didn’t want to jinx anything but I share everything with you guys. It wasn’t cause we were fighting or cause we broke up. It was just something I wanted to keep more with me than with anyone else. He is a huge part of my life and I’ve been feeling so low lately and instead of getting mad at me, he’s been understanding and caring. So this post is for you Eddie and so you all know how much this man means to me.

Let me start out with before I got into this relationship I promised myself that I would still continue with school, paying my bills on time, and still practice self love. I have remained doing all of the above.

I’m in love with the way you make love so effortless. You show me that love is not hurtful. I’m in love with how you reassure me with just a smile and simple words. I’m in love with how you always think of me. You love me selflessly and with all your heart. You treat me as your most important person in your life.

I know the you I’m with isn’t a lie. That today or tomorrow, in times of joy or adversity, you are here with me. When you reach for my hand, you have no intention of letting go. When you promise me forever, you can see us together until the very end. When you say you love me, you mean it with every ounce of your heart.

Our love is the one constant that won’t ever change. Love with you is the surest thing that I have known. For someone who is guarded and struggles with overthinking, you have completely erased every last of my doubt from my mind. You have overcome any conflict with me because we’re a team and we will get through the good and bad times together. Doesn’t matter how small or big the fight is, you always talk it through and never let it escalate to something more. You never fail to make me feel special every day. You kiss me so lovingly even as I rub my face with no makeup on and tell me that I’m beautiful. You think of me first thing in the morning and I’m your last thought at night. You hug me tightly and give me non-stop encouragement when I’m down. You light up my world and you add onto my happiness and understand how much self love is important to me. You give me the courage and inspiration to stretch my comfort zone and venture into the wild unknown. Especially in the gym. Who would’ve thought that I’d be using a squat rack or a bench press. You remind me that life isn’t mainly about the big things but the contentment to appreciate life’s simplicity. You accept me for who the person I am right now and have no desire to change me into someone else. You think of me first and that includes making the hard choices that are good for me but I don’t necessarily agree with. You give me honesty and a love that’s the most real I know. Every time I think about how we found each other at the most unlikely place and the way fate brings us together, I begin to see that my past experiences had been leading up to meeting you and I cherish every moment of my present with you.

We didn’t set out to fall in love at the beginning but it just happened. You make my heart melt and yeah this post may be so sappy but sometimes you just have to let the world know that somewhere out there they too can find someone to be this sappy about.

I love you to the moon to porter to Lizzette’s house to my house to college station to Austin and back.

Until next time


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