4 days off and IG questions

So last week I just was not there in the gym. I went and did cardio Monday and Tuesday but that was it. I felt like my body needed it and it did. I can say I won’t do that again until I feel like I’m exhausted.

Some of you sent me some messages on Instagram with that whole ask me shit lol so I’m going to answer them now.

How I deal with negative comments on social media? I don’t. I delete whatever the person says and move on. You can’t let small comments that mean nothing to you get to you by people who don’t know you. And if they’re from someone you know then drop them.

How am I so confident? This is something I struggled with my whole life and falling in love with myself made my confidence to what it is now.

How much more weight do I want to lose? I don’t really have that in mind. I just set goals I want to reach and reach them. My next goal is another 15-20 pounds by September 12th. Then another 15-20 by November 12th. Then 15 more by the end of the year. Losing weight is hard after you lose so much. But after that I plan on a whole new year of weight loss! So who knows.

What secret have you been working on that you put on instagram? Well it’s a secret lol but it’s for a company that has to do with fitness. I’ll have a discount code and everything 🤗

Do you have an Apple Watch? No I have a Fitbit. I love it!

When is the appropriate time to start dating after being in a serious relationship? I can’t really give you a time. It took me half a year to fully have no feelings for that person. I feel like you’ll always care but you know have to love yourself and know if you’re truly ready. I went on terrible dates before meeting my boyfriend now lol so it’s a process. Just make sure you’re ready for it.

Do you love me? Kiki is that you lol

What’s your favorite movie? Saving Private Ryan

How many times a day do you poop? Several lol I shit regularly I guess. Odd/ Gross question

What color did you get in your toes? WHITE GANG

Would you ever consider gastric sleeve? That’s not for me. Trust me I thought about it but I know that I have my mind ready for losing it on my own. I do however plan on getting hanging fat removed and a boob job.

I miss seeing your vlogs! When is the next one? I’ve been so busy and my life has been so basic. Eat sleep gym school repeat lol but I do plan on doing a Vlog on Vegas!! So September

Thanks for reading this random post.

Until next time


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