Missing A Gym Day

So lately I’ve been going to the gym twice a day. One in the morning and at night. Yesterday I decided to skip the gym for my night work out. For some reason my body needed it. I don’t just say you know what I don’t want to go to the gym because reality is, I love the gym. If the gym was a person it would be my best friend. On Thursday my Dad made dinner and I got out of class at 9pm and headed home and my boyfriend came over and we all ate together and just enjoyed each other’s company. We decided to skip the gym and I was fine with it but when I woke up I felt instant regret. I thought about it and decided not to dwell on it and went about my day and skipped the gym again lol

If you’re going to the gym always remember that rest days are okay just don’t quit. I went to a show yesterday and enjoyed myself and even treated myself to a slice of pizza. Not slices. A slice. Finding balance in your diet instead of restricting yourself will help you better in the long run. If you know you’re going to cheat I always save enough calories for that meal.

Here’s another updated weight loss picture with using the same before. Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.

Until next time


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