What Happens in Vegas

Hey loves!

So I got back from Vegas a week ago and I can say that it was everything it was hyped up to be. Although, I’m extremely tired, I had a blast. I’m finally free from being jet lagged and I also took a week off from the gym!! Prior to that I didn’t go for about 5 days so now that totals two weeks lol. I’m going to hate getting back to cardio but I’m back to being disciplined with no cheat days till my birthday. Im also only eating liquids this week because I’m finally getting my wisdom teeth out!! They have been in pain since we got back and I can’t wait!!! Anyways, I just wanted to blog about my Vegas experience and a lot of you want an updated Vlog so that will be coming at the end of the month. I didn’t really record much in Vegas so I decided to just give a September vlog.


So our flight took off at 10:55pm and we arrived at 11:00pm in Vegas. This was the first time I have ever flown and it wasn’t a bad experience. I did chew gum like everyone says but my ears just kept on popping. For those that don’t know we went out here for my sister turning the big 21.

We landed and headed to where we would be staying at which was at The Berkley. It was a suite with a full kitchen in both rooms, two living rooms, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was pretty fancy and clean. That night we didn’t head to the strip because it was far too late. We ended up walking across the street to the Silverton because it had somewhere for us to eat and we could play on the machines. The place we ate at had an after midnight special steak and eggs for $4.99!! We thought it was going to be some kind of cheap food but it was super good. FYI we had it every night we were there.


We woke up and all got dressed. I think I was the only one who didn’t put any makeup on and that’s because it was straight up heat in Vegas. Let me say there is a ton of walking in Vegas. It’s either that or Uber. So if you plan on going for 4 days like we did then roughly plan on spending between your group about $300.00

Our first stop was at the Sugar Factory and it was boujee. I had water lmao only because I was being a brat and didn’t really want to eat there. So I didn’t. I did have ice cream and that was about it. We walked forever and ever and finally hit the casinos. I didn’t really gamble much but it was fun watching my family. We walked again for miles and reached Miracle Mile Shops which was our destination because we had hair appointments at the Dry Bar at 5. We ate at Cabo Wabo and headed to get our hair done. So the Dry Bar was an amazing experience. They take you to wash your hair then they blow dry and style. There are different looks for you to choose from and they don’t stop until you are happy. We were there after 5 so we all got free mimosas. The hair products they use all smell amazing. The girl I had used a lot of hairspray and you couldn’t even tell. Jenna wants to go to the locations in Houston now. We took an Uber back to the hotel and started getting ready. I had to do my Mom, Jenna, and Karina’s makeup and then do mine. Once we were all ready we headed out to Aria which had the club Jewel in it and then we danced the night away. DJ Drama was there that night and was playing everything from hip hop to spanish. My sister was pretty drunk lol Eddie was already drunk when we got there so he stayed alcohol free. We all enjoyed this night. We left around 2 in the morning and went to eat steak and eggs!


We all slept in. I’m glad we did cause we all needed it. We headed to eat at Wahlburgers and that place is a little pricey but the burgers were worth it. Eddie surprised me with a Alex and Ani bracelet. It was the birthstone color of August. That happens to be his birthday. It meant everything to me. While everyone went to more casinos, Eddie and I went on a secret trip and if you have me on snapchat you know what that was to. No need to post what it was on here lol. We went back to the hotel. Scratch that, because we went and did our own thing we had to run/race to the Aria so we wouldn’t have to pay for an Uber so we could ride the shuttle. It was about 2.5 miles from where we were at and the bus was leaving at 6:15 and we got there in 15 minutes. We were hauling ass. I got over 70,000 steps in Vegas for the four days we were there. When we got  back to the hotel, everyone went swimming. I was exhausted from the day that Eddie decided for us to stay in and order pizza and watch Netflix. While everyone went out we decided to pack and do just that. We also washed clothes.


Our last day in Vegas was finally here. Our flight was at midnight so that meant we had all day to be out and about in Vegas. Jenna was most excited for this day because that’s when we were going to be doing the SAW escape room. We left our baggage at the front desk and checked out. We all rode the bus to Aria and walked to BWW to eat. They had $5 mimosas! We all then caught an Uber to Freemont and this place reminded me of 6th street in Austin but with Casinos. It was fun. Then we finally made it to SAW and I will say that the overall experience wasn’t scary but it was cool to try and get into the doors. We got 4 out of the 6 rooms which most people only get 2. We all headed back to the hotel to eat at the buffet and went back to get our luggage and headed to the airport. We all waited and finally left Vegas at 1:30am. The flight back was a little more intense then flying to Vegas but my flying experience was great.

I enjoyed creating new memories with my family. I was super excited to celebrate Jenna out there. I am happy that Eddie wanted to go. In the beginning I didn’t invite him. It wasn’t because I didn’t want him to come, it was more because I learned my lesson from past experiences and since he asked me why haven’t I invited him, I knew he really wanted to go. Vegas was lit.

Sooooooooooo I am finally a little stress free with school so I will be putting out a blog everyday this week! E V E R Y D A Y this week. Thank you to everyone who still reads my posts and sends me sweet comments. You guys are amazing.

Until my next post

-Samantha Marie ♥♥♥

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