$4 Dollar Eyebrows

So I am all for affordable makeup. Some people think that you need all these fancy $20 eyebrow makeup brands but in reality you don’t. I went to my local CVS last week to purchase my concealer that also happens to be from Wet N Wild and I saw that they had a new eyebrow retractable pencil. It was only four dollars so I went ahead and purchased it. I can say that this pencil is the exact same as the $10 NYX eyebrow retractable pencil. So I bought the shade ash brown and it was the correct shade for me. They have five shades that I saw at the store but maybe they have more. I use their eyebrow kit which has two powder shades and a wax. I’ve been using it for the past two years and I love it but the pencil is a lot more convenient to use. I love them both but I’m going to start using the pencil for a more natural look. It is easier to blend than the eyebrow kit. On one end you have the product and the other is a nice brush to blend the product with. I will say that it easily breaks so you don’t need to twist a bunch of product out and you don’t need a heavy hand to apply it with. When I opened it I let a little out and went back and forth on the back of my hand so that it wasn’t so dull. Top it off with your favorite eyebrow gel and you are good to go! Let me know if you guys try it and love it as much as I do. FYI I use 4 products on my face for my makeup and they all happen to be from Wet N Wild so don’t sleep on this affordable drugstore makeup. My local CVS always has beauty deals so when I went last time I got my concealer and the eyebrow pencil and got a coupon for 3$ off so I paid 4$ for both.

Until next time

-Samantha Marie

Here’s a photo with using the pencil as apart of my makeup. I’m telling you flawless!!

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