As September is coming to an end I wanted to do a blog about someone in my life who we literally celebrated the whole month for, Jenna

this month one of my very best friends was brought into this world.

with you: all of our lives are more colorful. the drinks taste stronger. our laughs are louder. the hard times aren’t so bad. the memories are endless. and our hearts are more full.

having you by my side all my life was annoying growing up but as we got older it’s got better. we still suck at keeping secrets and we definitely are the type to bitch and yell one minute then go to the movies the next.

you are quirky, confident, knee-slapping funny, loving, blunt, selfless, and always unapologetically you!

my little jenna, poundcake, sissy – i hope this month was so special for you. i want you to know that being your sister is a blessing. i am proud to see you grow and live your best life everyday. i hope this month you felt the love from everyone. i will forever be here for you. thank you for always being there for me and continuing to cheer me up even when I didn’t know I needed it. thank you for loving on me a little more and telling me how it is.

Cheers to you turning 21.

Love you always

-Samantha Marie♥♥♥




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