Story time: Don’t Be An Asshole

Hey you guys!

I just wanted to post a real life story that happened today. Tonight I was at the gym just like any other day that I’m there. It’s leg day so I did Hack Squats. Then head to the leg press machine and theres this seat thing next to us and in between sets we sat on it. This Hispanic couple is on the smith machine and they start speaking Spanish. “Why is she using weights when she needs to be running.” That’s what she tells him and he replies “Must be why she’s sitting down.” Then they both laugh and I glare at them and at that point they knew that I could understand them and then I kept staring at them to make them uncomfortable. You see. Tonight, I shut down and didn’t finish my workout. Along with other shitty stuff going on this pushed me to my limit. I sat in the front and I held back my tears and I left. Next time you want to make fun of someone “fat” at the gym, remember that this whole exercising is something for everyone to do. It has no sex, skin color, age, or size requirements. Everyone has a journey. No matter if you’re losing weight, trying to build more muscle, or just do it as a stress reliever. Everyone has to start somewhere. Next time you think about making fun of someone at the gym or anywhere for that matter, don’t be that asshole. Be kind.

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