Dear Eddie,

“You don’t recognize one of the biggest days of your life, not until you’re right in the middle of it.

The day you commit to something or someone

The day you get your heart broken

The day you meet your soul mate

The day you realize there’s not enough time

Because you want to live forever

Those are the biggest days

The perfect days.”

I started to re-watch my favorite show Grey’s Anatomy and this quote stuck out to me because today makes 9 months with Eddie. 9 whole months of loving him, fighting with him, wing dates, homework dates, and gym dates. Three seasons have flew by and we’re going into our fourth- winter.

I guess I knew he felt how I felt when I got a phone call one day or 25 missed calls I should say. My phone was in my room on the charger. I was doing homework and I go to my room to get my phone. I see the calls and freak out a little inside so I call back. He called me to tell me how much I meant to him and how much he loved me. You see many people may think okay? That’s all you needed to know. But Eddie doesn’t do feelings. He doesn’t just open up. So calling me to tell me these things and all these other sweet things as well, just felt so safe.

There are times when I want to just love on him but there are times when he gets on my nerves. We communicate and that’s just how it goes. About a month of friendship and starting to get to know each other then that turned into 9 months of a full healthy relationship that has blossomed into something that I never saw coming.

Thank you for reminding me to be kind to myself and for believing in me when I don’t believe in myself.

Thank you for genuinely telling me I’m beautiful every single day. Thank you for encouraging me to see myself the way you see me.

Thank you for inspiring me to improve myself each day by having contagious optimism, compassion, kindness, and loving me extra hard on my bad days.

Thank you for making me laugh, smile, and providing your shoulder for me to cry on.

Thank you for not judging me and accepting me.

Thank you for making me feel secure and confident.

Thank you for letting me be apart of your life.

I know you tell me that I’m this happiness you need in your life but your smile does that all on its own.

9 months ago you came into my life and swept me off of my feet. We still give each other butterflies. You give me the biggest hugs and I am genuinely happy. Three months away from a year together and I’m so happy we decided to take a trip for it. We haven’t killed each other and here we are. I know that time has definitely flew by because I swear we were barely going on our first official date and that has to be a sign of good luck since it was a four leaf clover kind of month.

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. It’s the greatest feeling in the world knowing that you have someone who will love you unconditionally, no questions asked. You make me feel so secure in myself and our relationship. We fight, we make up, we laugh, we joke, and we just complete each other.

Here’s to another month of loving you and you being my best friend.

Until next time

This was supposed to upload on the 7th not the 8th 😩 I was really busy today and forgot to upload it but I hope you all enjoyed my cheesy and heart felt message to my boyfriend.


Btw I know you’re going to read this cause you read everything lol but thanks for making me ugly cry with your card. I love you so much.

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