taking a mini break

So I decided to take a whole month off of Instagram and Facebook. I recently gained a little bit of weight and it’s just put me in this weird place where I start comparing my journey and myself to others and I did this last year too around the same time and it really just made me love myself more because it’s okay to feel the need to do this and feel this way. It is not okay to start comparing myself to someone else or to start picking little things about myself to hate. Throughout this journey I’m going to gain some weight and I’m going to lose weight. In the end I’ll lose more than I’ve gained but I’m kind of stuck where I’m at right now and I need to just get myself out of this funk because no one else is going to do it for me. I have people that love me and motivate me and want the best for me and it doesn’t really get any better than that. But I need to not focus omg I gained such a such pounds. Instead I need to gather my thoughts mentally and say okay let’s move on from this and grow. I wanna take a month off of social media to not compare myself to someone else, to not give up on myself just yet, and to really just stop feeding into what other people think is beautiful because I have someone that tells me I’m beautiful every day and that can be just got out of bed or fully glammed. I also recently haven’t been going to the gym like I used to. This goes along hand-in-hand with the funk that I’m in. I haven’t been making the best choices when it comes to eating as well. I have been sick for the past month so that hasn’t helped at all either. I started this new job and I am pretty much working eight in the morning to 8 o’clock at night every day and going to school so it’s taken a small toll on me but no matter what I will push through because I always do. Next month I really want to get back into nine round because that was something that was fun for me and didn’t feel like I was doing hard-core cardio, even though it was. I want to say thank you to everyone who still continues to support me and follows my blog and follows my journey on Instagram but right now I just need to make myself happy and pull myself together to be able to grow in my journey and I really wanted to put this post out there because this journey has not been one straight-line from start to finish, there’s been bumped setbacks and that’s real life. So this time next year I might lose all the weight that I want to lose and then some but I want you all to know that it didn’t happen fast and it wasn’t easy. This has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do because whenever I would feel like this I would’ve automatically turned to food and I really try not to do that anymore. So it’s taking me some time to adjust to this lifestyle but I am fighting for my life in a way that just makes me wanna be better all around. I want to be nicer I want to be more forgiving I want to be more loving I want to grow as a person and I really just want to love myself and be happy with what I have at hand. So for now it’s goodbye to Facebook and Instagram 🖤

Until next time


One thought on “taking a mini break

  1. I came off Facebook coming on 5 years now and I know I am better off in myself having done it. I would constantly compare myself to others and once I got over the initial ‘addiction’ to wanting to know what everyone else was doing, it completely opened my eyes to the fact that I should only be interested in what I am doing! I’ve been on breaks from Instagram too and I think you’re making a good decision. Hope it goes well 🙂


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