To whom it may concern

I have been having a rough time getting back on track with my weight loss. I woke up Monday(yesterday) morning with a mindset on just having an amazing week. I said this out loud and proceeded to have an amazing day. I went to work then to class and then went to the gym. I had an amazing clean workout and stuck to my macros for the day. Since I woke up and spoke it into existence, I had an amazing day. I even understood everything we learned in class. I take a shower, get ready for bed, tell Eddie goodnight. Then lay down. As I was falling asleep, at 1:02am I get a text. A long mean nasty text.

So if you’re reading this which I’m sure you are here is what I have to say to you.

Thank you for making me aware of how fat I still am.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to make a fake number from an app to text me off of. You should’ve just stuck with your emails.

Thank you for being a fan.

Thank you for showing me that you still care to know what’s going on in my life.

Thank you for letting my weight loss be something you’re disgusted by.

Thank you for teaching me that there are still miserable people out there waiting for you to fail.

Thank you for telling me that my ass is something that makes you cringe. And my boobs are something that also grosses you out.

Thank you for being honest.

So to whom it may concern,

I live my life how I want to live it. If I share my life on this blog and you feel the need to just bring me down then okay. It’s good to know that I am your hobby. You see I could’ve just read your text and yes, I ignored those private calls cause I learned my lesson answering those kind of calls. I decided to make a blog post just for you because maybe you need to hear this but you will always amount to nothing significant in my life. Your words do not hurt me. I actually feel sorry for you. I am a beautiful soul who is on a journey of self love and weight loss along with that. I am a good person and I don’t need to prove that to anyone. You must have gone through some pretty traumatic experiences to want to focus all your energy on being so mean and negative about someone’s else’s life. Who hurt you? 
You will always be a fan if you feel the need to tell me negative things. You will always be a coward behind a screen and I’ll keep whoever you are in my prayers. Do not try and threaten me because I probably could beat your ass. When I say probably I mean definitely. Maybe my fat ass could just sit on you, ya know?

Here’s something “disgusting” for you to look at. My camera is cracked and this was taken on Snapchat but you should love it lol I mean you love me and my personal life more than you probably love yourself.

I love myself so much and although I’m stuck right now, I will bounce back and I’ll get the body my heart desires. This picture isn’t a thirst trap, it’s something that I love very much. I know I’m hard on myself at times but my progress today won’t be my final progress in the end. Every roll I have has gotten smaller. And every muscle I have has gotten stronger. This has made me stronger and not let words make me cry anymore. Maybe you hate yourself so much that you have to stalk me and put me down. Regardless, you should take my advice on self love and get a better hobby

To those that support me and have sent me so many encouraging words, THANK YOU. I know this post may seem a bit much but if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that mean stuff has been happening like this since I started to lose weight. It’s not something that makes me feel good. But I still get up in the morning and try again. The good outweighs the bad every time but I needed to let this person know that this isn’t okay. Maybe he or she will just stop because it has been a while since something like this has happened but regardless I do appreciate and love everyone who is good. Thanks for continuing to be onboard with this journey and being here for me throughout this crazy ride.



Until next time

-Samantha Marie 🖤🖤🖤

6 thoughts on “To whom it may concern

  1. Wow what a crummy person like literally going out of your way to bring someone down because they are winning? Lol don’t take them serious girl you are strong, amazing, and beautiful and ain’t no troll gonna come near changing that! Your blog is amazing keep doing you💖💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Seriously shameless behaviour! I feel like some people need to learn proper conduct cause they act like fools 😓but thank you so much for making this post you flipped something awful to something really inspiring!


  2. Wow Sam you are just amazing. Cheers to you to calling them out. You are so strong and are kicking butt on building your best self. I just love reading your blogs and seeing you constantly pushing yourself. Keep getting it!

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