Celebrating Sam

So this year we really celebrated my birthday for a week? Lol It started with the Nutcracker Market. We went on November 10th and it was a blast! Shelby, My Mom, Lizette, and even little Dahlia went and celebrated with me. My mom even planned a little tailgating before we went in. I loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to go again next year. My mom got me a cool jacket! I love it.

When I went to church they had a little Mexican buffet with tamales and chicken tortilla soup for me. It was so good. I love my nursery family. On Sunday night, Eddies family cooked for me and it was good. Although they didn’t sing me happy birthday, I was okay.

On Monday, Eddie had this whole day planned and it ended up raining and I was still very very sick. My brother took me to go get Pho and I couldn’t taste any of it but it made me feel good.

I went back home and slept and Eddie was right there with me when he got out of class. I woke up and everyone decided to go and play games at main event. Since it was my birthday and I was signed up for emails they sent me one letting me play 20$ worth for free! We also kept signing up with emails, getting free 10$ cards lol There was like 200$ in free games getting tickets lol I’m doing my next post on free stuff lol I ended up going back home with over 2,000 points. I saved them though. Maybe I’ll get a Sega lol My dad made a chicken pot pie and everyone sang me happy birthday. Jenna also made me feel special with flowers(that are still alive cause she loves me the most) and balloons.

I didn’t go see the doctor until that Wednesday after my birthday. So I got some antibiotics, and here we are almost 10 days later, still sick!! I think they got me wrong so I will be scheduling another appointment.

On Thursday, Jenna gave me tickets for my birthday to see Dom Kennedy. There was someone I wanted to take with me but Eddie stepped in and took me. I loved seeing him. It really took me back to when I drove all the way to Austin to see him one year lol I always paid for those tickets. Every year he came to Houston.

On Friday I thought I was having dinner with my sister and Adri and it ended up being a little surprise karaoke Astroworld party lol They all sang me “GO SHAWTY ITS YO BIRTHDAY” lol I really can’t explain how happy that made me.

Saturday we went to Astroworld Fest and it was amazing!!! Everything was worth the hype!!!!

Sunday my family put together a magical day for me. It was a Harry Potter themed party and I fell in love all over again. They also made it a shrimp boil which is my favorite and it was a perfect day because I could taste again!!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Thank you for taking time out of your day to send me good vibes.

Cheers to 28

Until next time


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