Keeping up with Snackantha

So I wanted to start doing a weekly post on my life with updates so here’s the first one of many.

Monday- I went to the gym when I woke up and did an hour of cardio. I studied for my Math exam. I went to school and took the exam. I think I made a solid B. I started a vegetarian diet! I meal prepped vegetarian chili for the week and ate that three times during the day along with eggs in the morning. I ended my day with Leg Day at the gym.

Tuesday: I went to work at 8am. Got off at 2pm then went to work lol I finished up all my online homework and ended my day later at the gym for chest day.

Wednesday: I went to work at 8am and then work again. Starting to get used to having two jobs for Ruth now 😩 I went to class and I found out I made a 95 on my exam!!!

Thursday: I finally got to sleep in and then I cleaned the whole kitchen and then got ready for the day. I went to work and when I got off I got to eat dinner at Riel. This place was over the top and the food was so fresh and amazing!! I recommend this place for a anniversary, birthday, Valentines, or someplace really nice to take your boo. Side note. Yes I am still Vegetarian but I chose not to eat that here. We literally got to order everything and anything we wanted. I went here last year for my brothers birthday and everything is weird but good.

Friday: I went to work at 8am and I am currently at my second job. Tonight I am going to have dinner and then relax and review for my finals. I work tomorrow from 3-11pm and Sunday I work all day 😩 I know I’m complaining about it but I actually enjoy working.

Anyways that pretty much sums up my week.

Thanks for catching up with me 💕

I also have a YouTube channel that goes along with my blog so be sure to subscribe to it.

Until next time

Love you guys

-esswest 🖤🖤🖤

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